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Host your own Workshop

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DIY Skin Care Workshop, using all natural ingredients to make beautiful, low-tox products for your body, health and happiness!

We’d love to invite you to host your own workshop perfect for Hens, birthdays, team bonding or a girls day out.

You will make and take 4 of the following beautiful natural products:

⁃ Face Mask
⁃ Eye Cream
⁃ Exfoliating Face Scrub
- Scented Lip Balms
- Make up setter
- Face serum night or day
- Moisturiser Face / Body
- Body wash
- Body scrub
- Perfume
- Deodorant
- Hand wash
- Bath bombs
- Bath salts
- Shampoo bars/ bottles
- Conditioner bars / bottles
- After sun Spray
- Sun safe lip balms
- Surf wax
- Self Tanning scrub
Baby / Kids
- baby wipes
- Lotion
- Massage oil
- Shampoo
- Bubble bath
- Washing detergent
- Room / furniture deodoriser
- Clothes washing detergent
- All purpose cleaning spray
- Heavy cleaning scrubs

Not only will you be creating your own products, you will learn all about the natural ingredients being used, and what best suits your skin type.

Contact us for more details